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Tom Goldstein

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Ben Adler, James Boylan, Curtis Brainard, Julia M. Klein, Charles Lewis, Trudy Lieberman, Robert Love, Michael Massing, Judith Matloff, Douglas McCollam, Justin Peters, Alissa Quart, Cristine Russell, Michael Shapiro, Scott Sherman, Clay Shirky

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Major funders for CJR and include non-faculty members of the Board of Overseers, Maria Moors Cabot Fund, Citigroup, The Commonwealth Fund, Peter Lowy, Omidyar Network, The Saul and Janice Poliak Center for the Study of First Amendment Issues, Rockefeller Family Fund, M & T Weiner Foundation, and The Schumann Foundation, as well as CJR’s Leadership Council, including James H. Ottaway, Jr., and R. Ted Weschler.

Columbia Journalism Review (USPS 0804-780) (ISSN 0010-194X) is published bimonthly.

16 women whose digital startups deserve Vox-level plaudits - A look at the media entrepreneurs who aren’t grabbing headlines

Why was ‘Dasani’ shut out of the Pulitzers? - 5 problems with The New York Times’ ambitious, influential series on the life of one homeless Brooklyn girl

The AP downplays its Obamacare scoop - Repeal on deductible caps marks another step in The Great Cost Shift

The enduring pull of mag covers - Why do magazine cover images still hold so much cultural power in this decline-of-print era?

Michael Wolff’s digital media bloopers - The Newser founder trolls (other) digital-news companies

The shirt on your back

How did the clothes you’re wearing get to you? We trace the human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry in video, words and pictures

Anxious royalist

Fantastic letter in The Times

Coming out as a porn star

How do you tell your family and friends?

The truth about Google X

A look behind the secretive lab’s closed doors

New Jersey’s good government

Despite the bridge scandal, Chris Christie’s state is relatively transparent and accountable. CJR’s Greg Marx talks to Gordon Witkin

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