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Full-Court Press

Marshawn Lynch, Media Day, and the reality of Super Bowl coverage

How do you write about a star athlete who won’t talk to you?

Last summer, determined to write a profile of press-shy Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, freelance reporter Kevin Fixler showed up... More


The Delacorte Lectures

Calvin Trillin, journalist and author

Full video of Calvin Trillin’s conversation at the Delacorte Lecture series

Streamed live on Jan 29, 2015 — Calvin Trillin talks with Victor Navasky. To view this video on mobile... More


The Kicker

Must-reads of the week

Andrew Sullivan’s impact on blogging, retiring from security journalism, and the uncertain future of The New York Times’ race beat

Culled from CJR's own stories, plus the frequently updated "Must-reads from around the Web," our staff recommendations for the best... More


United States Project

MLive lays off two senior journalists

John Barnes and Meegan Holland helped lead coverage of Michigan

DETROIT, MI — MLive, one of Michigan’s largest online news sources, has laid off two senior journalists who helped lead... More


United States Project

Venezuela uses US reporter’s photo in tourism campaign

The problem? He had just been released from detention

MIAMI — The Miami Herald’s Jim Wyss made a startling and surreally ironic discovery Friday morning. The discovery: Venezuela state-run... More


Behind the News

When Burning Man is your beat

The Reno Gazette-Journal hires its first reporter to cover the experimental community year-round

This summer will be Jenny Kane’s first trip to Burning Man. No surprise—last year, six out of 10 attendees were... More


United States Project

Grand-jury leaks shouldn’t get shield law protection, says grand jury

An imbalanced proposal seems to be finding little support in Pennsylvania

In a story that reminds me of The Onion’s “Area Man” series, a group of ​randomly selected Pennsylvania citizens, with no collective... More


The Kicker

7 ways Andrew Sullivan changed blogging

From attribution to pacing, the digital crusader has been one of the most significant writers of our time

It's hard to prove for sure who invented what on the internet. Innovations spread rapidly and sometimes seem to materialize... More


United States Project

What a cardboard cutout says about local news priorities

Stanford scholar James Hamilton discusses TV stations’ pursuit of the marginal viewer

Yesterday, Jim Romenesko introduced readers to “Michelle” and “Lisa DeVries,” a pair of middle-aged, prosperous white moms who, according to... More


Behind the News

The ethics of saying ‘sorry’

Should journalists apologize when their stories take off without them?

Last month, Slate published a Year in Outrage calendar, which chronicled the stories that enraged the general public each... More

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Behind the News

Snapchat ventures into news territory

But stories will not drive traffic to websites

The app used by millions as a creative outlet for duck-face selfies, fleeting nude photos, and covert humiliation of unknowing... More


Behind the News

What will happen to The New York Times’ race beat?

It’s uncertain if the newspaper will replace Tanzina Vega, who is moving to the metro desk

The future of race coverage at The New York Times is under scrutiny as Tanzina Vega, the paper’s sole reporter... More


Full-Court Press

Covering the Knicks? Good luck

The team’s public relations staff appears to restrict access

New York Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony talks to reporters after practice. (AP Photo/Mike Groll) "The only thing worse... More


The Observatory

Is national media ignoring local science fraud?

Instances are being covered as local stories rather than as data points in a national narrative

In a rare case, a former Iowa State University scientist was prosecuted by a federal attorney last summer for faking... More


Language Corner

In between ‘before’ and ‘after’

Think before you speak

Today, we're going to discuss "prior to" and "following," in the hopes that some people will realize they are not... More


United States Project

It’s still early, but the Sun Times Network does not look very good

So far, the network has done little to distinguish itself—and observers doubt that it will

CHICAGO, IL — When Wrapports LLC, the publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times, announced in October that it was launching a... More


Behind the News

Here’s how you run a newspaper that’s under attack

Step 1: Be strategic

In the early hours of a November morning in 2011, a car pulled in front of the offices of... More

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Behind the News

Why moving Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial won’t nullify pretrial media coverage

Live and digital coverage of the Boston Marathon makes pretrial publicity almost inescapable

As jury selection in the alleged Boston Marathon bomber’s trial entered its final stages last week, defense attorneys filed a... More


Behind the News

How hacking confusion threatens tech reporters

Barrett Brown’s case highlights the need to hire experts to dissect digital scenarios

Not everyone agrees on what to call Barrett Brown. He has been dubbed a journalist, a hacktivist, a criminal, and... More


United States Project

How the Houston Chronicle is catching up to a changing city

Top editor Nancy Barnes opens up about the paper’s transition

HOUSTON, TX -- The biggest city in Texas isn’t just big. Houston is vast, growing, and changing--fast.  The city proper... More


Behind the News

How media managers should share bad news

Communication is key during layoffs

Liz Spayd: It's hard to find a newsroom, with a few exceptions like maybe BuzzFeed, that don't have financial... More


Behind the News

The end of Modern Farmer?

An award-winning magazine struggles to connect with readers

Modern Farmer, the stylish quarterly that tried to mix cosmopolitan glamour with a back-to-the-land ethos, is ceasing publication one month... More

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The Kicker

Must-reads of the week

Pro-regime propaganda in Egypt, conflicts of interest among TV doctors, and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly moment

Culled from CJR’s own stories, plus the frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best... More

Virginian-Pilot journalists: Corporate management pressure is stifling coverage - “Lovers of journalism in this newsroom are pissed. It’s bad.”

Paper files public records request—and city’s response is a lawsuit - Local officials argue Montana courts should strike balance between privacy and disclosure

BBC Pop-Up reports from small town America - A small team is traveling across the United States for six months in hopes of finding underreported local stories

What game design can do for journalism - Three newly selected fellows at American University talk about the medium’s future

Timeline, an app based on ‘the history of…’ - But chronology doesn’t reveal everything

Photojournalism while pregnant (NYT Mag)

“Momentarily forgetting I was pregnant, I jockeyed for a position close enough to capture the initial moments of euphoria, hurling myself into the mix of hundreds of frenzied relatives. As the weight of men started to close in on me, I realized how vulnerable I was and started to panic.”

We should all step back from security journalism (Medium)

“It should be made clear, in law, that the tasks security reseachers do to make the net more secure and journalists do to understand and contextualize the truth for the public are not crimes”

Trust In Business And Media Is Declining, But People Have Faith In Search Engines (Buzzfeed)

People have become less trusting of major institutions, according to the annual Edelman Trust Barometer. And large majorities doubt that businesses want to make the world a better place.

With New Charlie Hebdo Cover, News Value Should Have Prevailed (NYT)

Public editor Margaret Sullivan on why the paper should have published the images.


Greg Marx discusses democracy and news with Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute

Who Owns What

The Business of Digital Journalism

A report from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Study Guides

Questions and exercises for journalism students.