Some Haitian journalists already view the motivations of the foreign media with cynicism. Claude Gilles runs the Reporters without Borders Media Operations Center in Port au Prince, which allowed radio stations and newspapers to begin reporting again within days of the earthquake. “In the U.S. or France, when there is no sex or violence or anything like that, that’s when you see them coming into Haiti looking for those things,” said Gilles. “Every country in the world knows that blood, sex, and violence sell.”

Correction: We originally reported that CNN’s coverage of the recent cholera epidemic marked the network’s first visit to Haiti since the January 12 earthquake. In fact, it was the second time—Anderson Cooper visited Haiti this summer to receive an honorary knighthood from the Haitian government. The relevant sentence has been updated. CJR regrets the error.

Maura R. O'Connor is a freelance foreign correspondent. This year she was awarded a Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship and will be reporting on American foreign aid from Haiti, Afghanistan, and Africa.