If the JOA ends, it could mean about 100 reporters and editors are out of a job. Gorman, the Sun’s editor, doesn’t think that will happen.

“Brian has a great passion for preserving and continuing his father’s legacy,” Gorman said. “I can’t imagine a Las Vegas without a Brian Greenspun newsroom operating here.”

Brian claims ending the JOA is a violation of antitrust laws and that the Sun couldn’t operate without the JOA.

Danny Greenspun disputes his brother’s contention that without the print Sun, the family couldn’t afford to keep the website.

“That’s the opposite of the truth,” he said. “We would have more money for the website. We’ve always spent more on our newsroom than the R-J ‘s ($1.3 million) reimbursement. To say the print is keeping the Web alive is false. Greenspun Media has been adding additional funding to the Sun in order to fund the operation of both print and Web.”


Alicia Shepard (@ombudsman) is a media writer who recently spent a year as a visiting professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Previously she was NPR's ombudsman.