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A complete archive of Michael Massing's columns for CJR.org

Michael Massing’s voice has long been part of the Columbia Journalism Review. He is a columnist, a former executive editor, an active contributing editor, and a longtime friend and adviser of the print magazine. Now he is trying his hand at press criticism and analysis online. Look for him on Wednesdays, and on other days when the spirit moves him, on CJR.org. Here are all of Massing’s Web columns for CJR.org, presented in reverse chronological order.

October 2009

10/27/09: Black Hawk Up - David Ignatius’s helicopter journalism

10/22/09: Howard Kurtz, Missing in Action - Fox vs. the White House: Where’s Howie?

10/14/09: Iraq’s Missing Iraqis - A good book’s great flaw

10/07/09: The Most Misreported Country - And the winner is…

September 2009

09/30/09: Eyes Wide Shut on Iran - Familiar sources sing a tired song

09/23/09: Katie and Diane: The Wrong Questions - Why can’t the print press treat TV news as news?

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