Best Ad Hominem Attack

CNN’s Paul Begala, who, in discussing how Missouri’s stem-cell initiative affected turnout, told Anderson Cooper that Rush Limbaugh is a “drug-addled windbag.”

Most Nuanced Dissection of a Race

CNN’s Bill Schneider, for this helpful distillation of the Virginia Senate contest: “Men voting for Allen, that’s football. Women voting for Webb, that’s Iraq.”

Voodoo Politics

Finally, we take note of Brian Kilmeade, on Fox & Friends this morning, for delivering the most original explanation for what happened, at least on one key race: “It didn’t help Sen. Santorum that his good buddy Joe Paterno [the Penn State football coach] has a broken leg and got hurt on Saturday. Maybe that was a precursor of what he’s experienced.”

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Brent Cunningham is CJR’s managing editor.