“Columnist: ‘You are correct, thank you. The middle galaxy of the three may only be 60 million light years beyond the other two galaxies and not 60 million km; a small factor of 9,460,700,000,000 (km per light year) in distance!’” – The Guardian

Typos for Two

“A July 5, 2006, article misstated the name of a float in the previous day’s Independence Day parade on Constitution Avenue NW. The float was called ‘Sikhs of America,’ not ‘Sheiks of America.’” – Washington Post

“The Sept. 26, 2008, obituary of Mickey Vernon mistakenly called Max Patkin the ‘Crown Prince’ of baseball. He was known as baseball’s ‘Clown Prince.’” – Washington Post

Parting Shot

“Writer wrong: American humorist S. J. Perelman and compatriot ‘jazz’ poet Langston Hughes might have shared a February 1 birthday, a love of the written word and a penchant for moustaches but they did not share the same face. A photo in Burning Questions (Today, page 16, April 23) under the caption S. J. Perelman was in fact Hughes.” – West Australian

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Craig Silverman is the editor of RegretTheError.com and the author of Regret The Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech. He is also the editorial director of OpenFile.ca and a columnist for the Toronto Star.