This is where I tried to bore in and see if my admittedly biased perception about the momentum for the authenticity category is going to translate into applications and, one would hope, grants. I wondered if Bracken had a sense of which categories are generating the most interest and discussion at this point.

“Just based on conversations I’m having, the categories that people seem to have the most interest in are mobile and around community—but that could just be the conversations I’m having this week,” he said.

So here’s my pitch for anyone who wants to take part in the contest—or who wants to win: As hot as authenticity may seem to me, it’s possibly not as hot overall as mobile or community or sustainability. So this may be the category for you to stand out if you have a passion for the topic.

I tried to get Bracken to endorse that view, but he’s well ensconced in his role as impartial arbiter.

“I think that can be your pitch,” he told me, laughing. “People should apply to the category that most fits their idea. I’m excited about all four [categories].

“Don’t make me choose,” he said.

Correction of the Week

“On May 24, 2010, we published an article headed ‘Sophie Dahl: I’m no weight watcher’ containing personal comments that we said had been taken from Sophie Dahl’s Twitter page. We now accept that Sophie Dahl does not have an active Twitter page and the comments were invented by hoaxers. The page has now been removed from circulation. We are happy to make this clear and apologise to Sophie Dahl for any distress and embarrassment our article has caused.” - Daily Express

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