Harry Mattison comes to the aid of Olivier Rebbot, mortally wounded during a battle between government forces and leftist guerrillas, San Francisco Gotera, El Salvador, January 15, 1981. (Credit: Benoit Gysembergh)

Murry Sill

Olivier Rebbot, moments before he is fatally wounded by gunfire, San Francisco Gotera, El Salvador, January 15, 1981 (Credit: Murry Sill)

From Sill: “This young orphan lived in the streets of Soyapongo, El Salvador. According to older children, his parents had recently been killed by soldiers. Shortly after making this picture, I watched a group of soldiers stop their truck, get out, shoot a man then continue on their way.” (Credit: Murry Sill)

Alain Keler

A victim of the right-wing death squads lies in the middle of a highway. January 17, 1981 (Credit: © Alain Keler / Corbis Sygma)

Government soldiers on a coastal road. February 8, 1982 (Credit: © Alain Keler / Corbis Sygma)

Jacques Menasche is a writer and filmmaker who has worked extensively in Afghanistan and the Middle East. He is currently working on a documentary about French photographer Olivier Rebbot.