By many a blogger’s barometer, Super Tuesday is Foregone Conclusion Day (okay, and there are some polls that support the sentiment, if you still put your stock in that sort of thing). At Daily Kos, kos is already nostalgic for “the nomination battle” which, he writes, “barring any major shocker” will be “but a wistful memory” after today. Scott of Demwatch tells us that “Kerry’s going to clean up… Sorry if you hadn’t heard,” and, for the unconvinced, he cites a SurveyUSA poll showing Kerry with double-digit leads in every Super state but Georgia. Oliver Willis, blogging out of the Bay State, wonders with a wink who will win there and adds: “at least, [Edwards]’ll make a good attorney general.”

To be sold a different bill of goods, have a browse in Mickey Kaus’s “one-stop anti-Kerry shop,” wherein he peddles his top four reasons Kerry would be a crappy president. Kaus’s opening words? “As a Democrat…” Yeah, a “Fox News Democrat,” Oliver Willis snipes.

In Wonkette!’s world, the “Veepstakes” supercede Super Tuesday and we are presented with a comparison of Sen. John Kerry’s and Sen. Evan Bayh’s web sites. (Note to aficionados of this sort of thing: Bayh employs a more patriotic version of Wonkette!’s signature exclamation point).

There are exclamation points aplenty today in the CampaignBlog at John Edwards’s web site (which, Campaign Desk notes, looks only slightly less like Kerry’s site than Bayh’s does). Contributors to the blog are making like their favorite candidate and staying positive (“We’re AMPED to the gills!” writes one.) And if Edwards is not willing to attack his rivals, an Edwards supporter named “Atilla” has no such hang-up, suggesting today that his comrades “infiltrate” Kerry’s and Bush’s web sites and plant “subliminal messages.”

Is that what the punditry mean when they talk about candidates going “off message?”

Liz Cox Barrett

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