“This Land is Your Land” was written in 1940 by Woody Guthrie, the most important troubadour of the working man during the Depression, a pal of Seeger’s for a time, and one of Bob Dylan’s two most important inspirations (Little Richard was the other one).

With Abe Lincoln surely smiling silently behind him, this survivor of the 1950s blacklist interrupted his banjo plucks to triumphantly raise his arms in front of a joyous, gigantic throng.

Almost no one remembered that this had also been Bobby Kennedy’s campaign song in 1968.

This land is your land, this land is my land From California, to the New York Island From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters This land was made for you and me

For this brief shining moment, that finally feels like our truth again.

Winners & Sinners

Winner: Francis X. Clines of The New York Times, the best reporter in America.

Charles Kaiser is the author of The Gay Metropolis and 1968 in America. He has been media editor for Newsweek, a member of the metro staff of The New York Times, and a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where he covered the press and book publishing. To learn more, visit charleskaiser.com.