It’s Raining Men! On Your TV!

Humidity is rising…

Barometer’s getting low

According to our sources…

Your TV’s the place to go

Cause tonight, for the first time

At just about half-past ten

Right there on your TV set

It’s gonna start raining men…!

The London Daily Telegraph has just released its list of the fifty most influential pundits in the U.S. Here are the top ten:

Hmm. I can’t be sure, but looks like the Top Ten have something in common. (Besides a penchant for a crisply starched shirt collar.) That’s right

It’s raining men!
It’s raining men!
Every specimen!
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean…!

Now, to be fair, there are some Opinion-Totin’ Ladies on the list, too. Seven of them. (Hey, 14 percent ain’t bad!) And the Telegraph list is arguable. Very. (Wrote one astute commenter to the Telegraph, reacting to the list’s choice for Runner-Up Influencer: “Chris Matthews?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” And writes this commenter: say what you want about her, but doesn’t MoDowd belong on the list? And, for that matter, O’Reilly?)

Still, it’s worth wondering why the vast majority of pundits are men—not just on the list, but in the world it’s meant to quantify. Where are the pundettes?

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Megan Garber is an assistant editor at the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University. She was formerly a CJR staff writer.