I haven’t followed everything that everyone’s done, and I don’t want to sleight the work that’s being done. But a couple of things were important to us. Beyond telling the story of Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Loughner, we put a lot of time and energy into helping people know and understand those other individuals who were injured or killed. Those were local people, those were Arizona residents. To us, all of those victims are equally important because they are residents of our state. And while they may not have had as high a profile as others, it’s been important for us to get as much information as we can to help paint a picture of who they were and what their lives were like. That’s probably the most notable difference.

We also had a story over the weekend on the city of Tucson, and what it does to a city when your community gets turned upside down. Those are the things that are important to us and our readers that may not play out on a national level.

Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.