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The New Republic, then and now

Tallying the staff turnover at the overhauled magazine

Beginning in December, the implosion of The New Republic was shocking in its totality. The departure of 23 staff writers... More

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PR agencies can pay for journalist ‘dossiers’

Some obscure profiles from NewsBios get factchecked

For as little as $200, NewsBios provides "reputation insurance" to PR agencies and corporations preparing for interviews. It compiles dossiers... More


Know your audience

How YouGov looks at readership

It's not just journalists whose quirks and interests are being monitored: Profiles of their audiences are now accessible to anyone... More

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Fox News’ open-door policy

The cable giant lets some of its contributors leave and return for the sake of politics

Cable-news channels often provide soft landings for former or wanna-be elected officials, typically featuring them as political analysts. But just... More

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Why is ‘burgeoning’ used in so many news articles?

It’s a word rarely said aloud

Would you tell a friend something like, "I'd really like to get into the burgeoning pot business"? Probably not, we'd... More


The New York Times’ changing racial labels

Using the paper’s Chronicle tool, a linguistics student examines how various words were used in history

Nicholas Subtirelu, a PhD student in linguistics at Georgia State University, was thinking about his own generation's rejection of once-acceptable... More

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The hacks we love to hate

Hollywood’s sleazy journalists draw big crowds

Once, Hollywood painted journalists as heroes in films such as Citizen Kane and Deadline, USA. Then, with Network, Hero, and... More


Understanding ‘the right to be forgotten’

Here’s a look at what Google did and didn’t remove

In May 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that individuals have a right to request that... More

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If it’s weed, it leads

High times for cable news

Cable news is doing drugs. On November 30, MSNBC began airing a six-part documentary series on the fledgling weed... More

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Mana Neyestani reflects in ‘An Iranian Metamorphosis’

The political cartoonist details his struggles in graphic-novel memoir

In the tradition of comic-book artists, Mana Neyestani signs the inside cover of An Iranian Metamorphosis not just with... More

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Who’s hosted Meet the Press?

Meet some anchors who sat in the iconic desk

In September, Chuck Todd became the 12th full-time moderator of NBC's Meet the Press, the longest-running show on network TV.... More

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Letters to the editor

Readers weigh in on the September/October issue

For the love of science The title of Andrew's FB page ("I Fucking Love Science") and growing online empire is... More

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‘Working’ people have an audience

Breaking down jobs stories

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Studs Terkel's groundbreaking book, Working: People Talk About What They Do All... More

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Story stats

Hard numbers behind the news

$135 Hourly rate Ferguson, MO, officials charge journalists who seek access to public records related to the Michael Brown shooting... More


Journalism’s new beats

Today’s coverage areas go way beyond cops, courts, and sports.

Media companies old and new are perpetually rethinking their beats, though their motivations may vary. More

New survey reveals everything you think about freelancing is true - Data from Project Word quantifies challenges of freelance investigative reporting

Why one editor won’t run any more op-eds by the Heritage Foundation’s top economist - A reply to Paul Krugman on state taxes and job growth made some incorrect claims

Why we ‘stave off’ colds - It all started with wine

The New Republic, then and now - Tallying the staff turnover at the overhauled magazine

Why serious journalism can coexist with audience-pleasing content - Legacy media organizations should experiment with digital platforms while continuing to publish hard news

The rise of feelings journalism (TNR)

“Bloom engaged in an increasingly popular style of writing, which I’ve discussed on my blog before, which I call “feelings journalism.” It involves a writer making an argument based on what they imagine someone else is thinking, what they feel may be another person’s feelings. The realm of fact, of reporting, has been left behind.”

Things a war correspondent should never say (WSJ)

“The correspondent retelling war stories surely knows that fellow correspondents had faced the same dangers or worse”

On WaPo trying to interview a cow (National Journal)

“‘I wasn’t milked on the White House lawn by a strange man,’ The Washington Post—the venerable institution that would later come to break the Watergate scandal and win 48 Pulitzers—quoted her, a farm animal, as saying”


Greg Marx discusses democracy and news with Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute

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