Hard Numbers

Some stats and figures on the news industry

109number of segments CNN aired on the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal, July 4-13

71number of segments aired on MSNBC

30number of segments aired on News Corp.-owned Fox News

1,200number of retail locations operated by Borders in 2003

399number of Borders stores that remained in July 2011, when the company announced it would cease operations

160percent rise in e-reader sales during the first five months of 2011

61percent of nonprofit news sites that list funders who, in turn, do not reveal where their money comes from

982,000average number of viewers of June primetime broadcasts on HLN, which adopted the tagline “Justice for Caylee” for its coverage of the Casey Anthony trial

592,000average number of primetime viewers of HLN during June 2010

281,000number of readers who purchased digital subscriptions to The New York Times in the second quarter of 2011

2.6percent rise in the Times’s digital ad revenue during the quarter

6.4percent drop in 
the Times’s print 
ad revenue

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The Editors are the staffers of Columbia Journalism Review.