This is something we are thinking about right now. We have to go through the experiences of other social networks—how do they monitor without being censor machines? Is it based on reports by other users, or by randomly checking the cartoons created by the members? For now, we don’t have an answer. So for the cartoons thus far, they are all Iranian cartoons. I am an Iranian cartoonist and my colleague is an Iranian editor, so we go through them and if it has, let’s say, bad words, we remove them. Or if we have the email of the person who did the cartoon, we write them and ask them to do something else.

Has the Iranian government tried to block this site?

Yes. I got a message last year saying the person first didn’t need a proxy to access the site, and now they did. We have set it up so even if the Iranian government hacks the back end of the site, they can’t tell who has drawn the cartoons. Probably the most important thing for us is the security of the users. The Iranians are very good hackers


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