The fervent hope is that we are at the forefront of a new type of creative epoch; much as the 1970s belonged to the cinematic auteur, and the 2000s to the television showrunner, perhaps the 2010s will be known as the Era of the Web Brandsmith. After all, both Robert Altman and David Chase operated freely, but within the corporate structure. While the anarchy of the individual blog era was fun for a while, inevitable it has become co-opted by Big Media. As Simmons, and hopefully King and Silver, prove, this new creative paradigm has legs. Perhaps other writers with a following and a point of view, like Jason Whitlock, will be next.

This particular prostitute is also available, if any of you deep-pocketed johns are reading.


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Robert Weintraub is the author of The House That Ruth Built. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and Slate, and a television writer/producer based in Atlanta.