Writing from the couch is a large reason Bill Simmons of ESPN/Grantland got so popular. One way for print coverage to regain some relevance would be to tailor its output to the way potential readers consume the league.

Fast breaks

NBC Sports Channel signed ESPN’s Michelle Beadle to great fanfare last year. Last Wednesday, her cable show, The Crossover, was cancelled after low ratings, internal dissension, and virtually zero impact on the national sports scene. As noted in this space, leaving ESPN sounds great for many reasons, including money. But with rare exceptions, departing talent finds the grass isn’t always greener. Beadle is an enormously likable on-air presence, and she will have impact elsewhere at the Peacock. But she’s learned the lesson so many others have before her: The Bristol Boys have the biggest microphone.

Meanwhile, Beadle responded the only way that made sense—by imbibing.


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