Your list of “40 women who changed the media business in the past 40 years” (CJR, July/August) is impressive enough, so far as it goes. But without Marlene Sanders, your list, or any such list, is incomplete. Sanders’s lonely female anchor outpost for ABC-TV News in the late ’60s, and her later documentary duty for CBS-TV News insures her standing among “The Divine Sisterhood.”

John Komen
Grapeview, WA

The editors respond: This list, like all such efforts, was necessarily subjective and certainly not complete; we were not claiming that these women were the only 40 who mattered. We hoped to invite discussion, and we got some!

Thanks to the readers who joined the party, proposing the following additions to the list: Cissy Baker, Cathleen Black, Beverly Broadman, Joan Didion, Susan Faludi, Nikki Finke, Pauline Frederick, Amy Goodman, Katharine Graham, Meg Greenfield, Helen Hottenstein, Nancy Hicks Maynard, Cathy Lasiewicz, Jane Mayer, Sylvia Porter, Carole Simpson, Peggy Simpson, Elizabeth Sullivan, Helen Thomas, Kate Webb, and Nancy Woodhull.

We also made the tough decision not to single out role models in our own J-School family: Joan Konner (award-winning TV producer, dean emerita of the J-School, and former publisher of CJR); Suzanne Braun Levine (a founding Ms. editor, author, and first female editor of CJR); and the redoubtable Helen Gurley Brown (the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan, who not long before her death in August gave $18 million to the J-School to establish the Brown Institute for Media Innovation)-—among many others! Rest in peace, Mrs. Brown.

Solomon the wise?

The Editors