Whatever happens, journalism will continue to be a vibrant program at CU. At the very least, a diminished but revitalized journalism program will be included in CU’s College of Arts and Sciences. The top recommendation of the Discontinuance Committee was for a brand-new interdisciplinary academic unit that “centers on teaching the core principles of journalism.” So, I believe it is most likely that CU will authorize the formation of a new unit, such as a College of Digital Media, to teach journalism along with information, technology, and entrepreneurship.

A lively debate is already occurring within the university community on how best to reconstruct journalism education in the digital age. I hope CJR will continue to weigh in on this critical issue.

Linda Shoemaker

Boulder, Colo.


In our November/December Research Report, “In ACORN’s Shadow,” by Michael Schudson and Julia Sonnevend, we misidentified Christopher Martin as John Martin. We apologize for the error.

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