And a delightful piece in the Atlantic Wire made fun of the whole thing. “Saints be praised. After nearly a decade of wandering this old blue globe like a keening ghost, lamenting lost love and scorning those that stole it from her, world’s loneliest and saddest woman Jennifer Aniston has finally found someone to settle (down) with after losing Brad Pitt.”

It’s of course part of our culture that we care about the love lives of celebrities—I’m not saying journalists shouldn’t report on them. But we in the media should be careful about lazy reporting that assumes the popular (tabloid-driven) narrative is the true one. Though romantic comedies may be focused on marriage as the only possible happy outcome, in real life, women find success in all sorts of ways. It’s wonderful that Jennifer Aniston is engaged. But she was successful—and likely happy—way before she found someone to share her life with.


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