Must-reads of 2012: Can women have it all?

Unclear, but not for lack of column inches

As 2012 draws to a close, CJR writers brainstormed the year’s best reads in their beats.

Why Women Still Can’t Have it AllThe Atlantic, July/August 2012

Who Wears the Pants in This Economy?New York Times Magazine, August 30, adapted from Hanna Rosin’s book The End of Men

Breasts, a nonfiction book by Florence Williams

Anne Helen Petersen’s “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” series about legendary actresses — The Hairpin

A Ring of One’s OwnThe New Yorker, May 7, by Ariel Levy, one of my favorite writers ever

Unrelatedly, my favorite story of the year was probably Atonement, by Dexter Filkins — The New Yorker, October 29

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Kira Goldenberg was an associate editor at CJR from 2012-2015. Follow her on Twitter at @kiragoldenberg.