It’s been a rough year for traditional journalism, all things considered. Financial infirmity has led to widespread layoffs, buyouts, and other unfortunate cutbacks; many publications have permanently stopped their presses. The surviving publications are left struggling for cash to sustain themselves and pondering what role, if any, they will play in an environment that often doesn’t seem to value what they provide.

And yet, from where we sit, not all is gloom and doom. Hundreds of online news startups are trying to develop new, Net-native models for journalism. There’s still plenty of good writing and reporting to be found in newspapers across the country. Reporters seem to be interacting with readers more often—and more fruitfully—than ever before.

This week, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday nominally devoted to counting one’s blessings. So we wonder: Journalistically speaking, what are you still thankful for?

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