Suggest Some New Columnists for the Times

Who should replace Frank Rich and Bob Herbert?

It’s beginning to feel like The Daily on The New York Times’s opinion pages. First, Sunday columnist Frank Rich left for New York magazine. Then op-ed columnist Bob Herbert resigned after nearly twenty years on journalism’s most sought-after double-page spread—his last column was published in Saturday’s paper.

It’s fair to assume there are a number of changes in store for the Times’s band of thought-leaders—Andrew Rosenthiel Rosenthal, the editor of the paper’s opinion pages, is taking over the Week in Review section and will rename it and rebrand it with more opinion and commentary. We expect that with two recent departures and a new section to fill with thoughts and views, Rosenthal will be looking for new hires.

So we’re asking you: Whom should he call? We hear Kathleen Parker has a bit of extra time on her hands these days, though the Post probably wouldn’t allow that. And it would be fun to see an antagonist like Glenn Greenwald in the paper once a week. But whom do you want to read in the Times now that Rich and Herbert are gone?

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The Editors are the staffers of Columbia Journalism Review.