Parting Thoughts: An Invitation

Give us your thoughts on journalism’s state and its future

Bought out? Laid off? Leaving the business? If you are among the members of that very large group, which hundreds of journalists joined in the last few days alone, your colleagues would like to hear your thoughts about the state of our business. What are your hopes and fears in this time of incredible transition? What do you see coming in five or ten years? Who or what do you blame for what is happening? What can be done about it? What would you like to say to the young journalists coming up, in old forms and new ones? Columbia Journalism Review invites you to deliver your parting thoughts in the form of a letter to your journalistic colleagues; we would be delighted to publish those letters that offer a fresh perspective here on We’re looking for any length under 1,500 words; please send them to Thank you.

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