As a small newspaper editor, Pride had few worlds left to conquer. In a 1999 CJR survey of more than a hundred newspaper editors, the Monitor was ranked the nation’s best small daily, and tied for twenty-fourth place among dailies of any size, which is not bad for a paper with a weekday circulation (then and now) of about 20,000 and a Sunday reach of 22,500. Pride won the National Press Foundation’s “Editor of the Year Award” in 1986 (the prize was renamed the “Benjamin Bradlee Editor of the Year Award” in 2005). He is particularly proud of the legion of Monitor alums spread around the country, many at major newspapers.

Meanwhile, in today’s Monitor newsroom, Sarah Liebowitz and her new deskmate seem to be getting along fine. It’s actually “inspiring,” she says, “to watch someone who so clearly loves the craft of journalism.”


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