Calling all entries for Best Business Writing 2014

The third book in The Audit's annual series

We’re in the process of putting together the third book in our Best Business Writing series with Columbia University Press, and while we read a lot of business journalism (and I do mean a lot of business journalism), we can’t read everything.

So we need your help, Audit readers. What are the most memorable and vivid pieces you’ve seen in the last year or so? What stories made you wish you’d written them or made you see something in a whole new light?

We define business writing pretty broadly. Best Business Writing 2013, for instance, included a Rolling Stone piece on the hidden-in-plain-sight woes of the middle class, a wonky blog post by Steve Randy Waldman on inequality, productivity, and employment, a takedown of the TED phenomenon by Evgeny Morozov, and a Wired piece on how Corning engineered and produced glass for the iPhone.

And, of course, we had your more traditional Fortune, Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek fare.

We have a soft spot for muckraking stories, but we also love a good corporate focus, profile, or column.

Drop me an email if anything comes to mind, and don’t hesitate to nominate your own work.

Check out the previous editions here:

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Ryan Chittum is a former Wall Street Journal reporter, and deputy editor of The Audit, CJR's business section. If you see notable business journalism, give him a heads-up at Follow him on Twitter at @ryanchittum. Tags: , , ,