Leslie Gelb, the very definition of the Washington establishment, noticed it too, and, in a Daily Beast piece entitled “Replace Rahm,” said Obama should make Emanuel a senior political adviser. (He also thinks Larry Summers, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, should be replaced by Paul Volcker.)

And the Post’s own Dana Milbank riffed on the FT story on February 21, calling for love not for Luce’s piece, but for the chief of staff.

Clearly, “Rahmbo” has no shortage of enemies in this town, and with Obama’s approval rating dipping below 50 percent, they have ammunition. But sacking Emanuel is the last thing the president should do.

Today’s Post rather solipsistically refers to itself about the whole thing:

But the Rahm-knows-better-than-the-president notion, increasingly spread by his allies and articulated in a Washington Post column by Dana Milbank last month, is, regardless of its relation to reality, creating more tension for the chief of staff inside the White House and drawing more scrutiny from outside.

National Journal also tries to join the what’s-wrong-at-the-White-House mix this week, but it requires an expensive subscription, and relies a lot on what Gelb wrote, plus a bunch of talking heads, so you can skip that one.

This Rahmology arc is surely not finished yet. That’s okay. This isn’t the social secretary we’re talking about.

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