Murrow, Cronkite, Slideshows

CBS News's embarrassing trove of online click-getters

Ahh, CBS News.

Illustrious home of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Daniel Schorr, George Polk, Eric Sevareid. The Tiffany Network. 60 Minutes. Serious. Sober.

Murrow on the Blitz:

Harvest of Shame,” which put the plight of migrant workers in the country’s face.

The Cronkite Kennedy assassination coverage—seared into the national memory.

And today, “9 Most Awkward Breastfeeding Situations,” a clickwhore slideshow whose sole purpose is to get some pennies and nickles on the Internets.

Breast is best for baby. Pediatricians agree that breast-fed infants enjoy several advantages over bottle-fed babies, including protection against serious infections and allergies.

But just where and when a woman should nurse her baby remains a matter of debate. Here are some situation that could get seriously awkward.

What’s your opinion?

First up, we have a picture of a breast with as much showing as you can have while still having a baby attached. Then a slide about how “When a mom drops her top to breast-feed, a guy’s eyes can have a hard time staying focused” accompanied by this goofball picture:

And then one about whether its cool to breastfeed in church:

Here’s the photo alongside a blurb about feeding in front of kids:

I can’t quite decide if this one’s more embarrassing than that Bloomberg BusinessWeek doozy from a few months ago. You make the call.

Meantime, the CBS slideshow is positioned just above links to sideshows about “Notorious Teacher Sex Scandals,” “10 Reasons Women Can’t Lose Weight,” and “Tila Tequila Attacked.”

Glory days.

Can you tell how tired I am of these Huffington Post/Business Insider-style gimmicks?

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