One more thing: I like how the Times throughout the piece illustrates the small world of the power elite:

At parties and political events, allies of Mr. Rattner approach Mr. Cuomo, questioning his zealousness in pursuit of one of New York City’s most prominent business leaders….

The situation is awkward for the many businesspeople, socialites and politicians whose lives intersect with Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Rattner.

“Nobody wants to takes sides on this one,” said John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire who owns the Gristedes supermarket chain and has known the two men for years. “Everyone wants to see how the pebbles fall.”

This suggests another answer to Andrew Ross Sorkin’s question of why the small fry have been getting nailed while the big boys go untouched.

That’s all the more reason to appreciate Cuomo for going after him.

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