An Alarming Correction in the Ventura County Star

On Monday night, a correction appeared on the website of the Ventura County Star, a Scripps newspaper in southern California. The post is titled “Ventura County Star apologizes for mistake” and reads, in full:

In a Nov. 16, 2010, news story in the Ventura County Star, it was reported in error that Jeffrey Dalton and seven others — William Mosley, Jaime Ridge, James Goering, John Farris, Anthony Perez, Holley Carey and Robert Brzezinski — were registered sex offenders arrested on possible parole violations.

That was a mistake. Neither Jeffrey Dalton nor the other individuals were sex offenders.

For that mistake, The Star apologizes to Jeffrey Dalton and the others.

That article from November—two months before the correction ran—is a short one, titled “Nine people arrested on violations in Simi Valley sweeps.” It appears to be just a rundown of a police report of several people who were arrested “on suspicion for parole and other violations” and several people not on parole who were arrested “on suspicion of drug-related violations.”

The article has since been corrected, and there remain no mentions of sex offenders or sexual crimes at all. Looks like the Star needs a more reliable cop source? And maybe a lawyer?

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Lauren Kirchner is a freelance writer covering digital security for CJR. Find her on Twitter at @lkirchner