And He Wore Kevlar

A welcome break from all the discussion of What The First Lady Wore: Wired on who could have designed President Obama’s reportedly bullet-resistant inauguration wear.

Also, Howard Kurtz’s Fashion Do’s and Dont’s for Female Reporters Covering Formal Events:

Inaugural Ball Attire: Mr. Kurtz, What’s your opinion of news reporters wearing formal gowns to cover the various balls? I understand not wanting to stand out, but the “participation” of reporters — genuine news reporters, rather than entertainment reporters — dressed to the nines really made me wonder if the press has become too much a part of the story in this situation.

Howard Kurtz: I think formal gowns are okay if they’re not too low-cut.

It’s important that journalists, even those covering the parties, not be seen as part of the celebration. But just as you don’t wear the same thing to cover a hurricane as you do to a news conference, it’s okay to vary the attire (as Ed Henry did with his board shorts during Obama’s Hawaii vacation). Also, let’s face it, some of the women wear these gowns, as they do at Oscar time, because it’s all about looking good on TV.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.