AP on Michelle’s 100 Days “Transformation”

CJR’s Jane Kim to political reporters gearing up for Wednesday (you know, President Obama’s 100th Day? Report card day?): “Let’s go substantive on 100-day coverage.”

The Associated Press, for one, finds a clever way around Kim’s call for substance (emphasis mine): “100 days of transformation for new first lady.”

Who would ever have thought that Michelle Obama would be transformed from a potential campaign liability into America’s newest sweetheart and No. 1 cover girl, every bit as popular as her husband.

Michelle Obama’s first 100 days in the White House really began more than 365 days ago in Wisconsin…

More from Kim:

[P]erhaps the press can take the hundred-day mark, swivel the spotlight, which seems trained on Obama-the-person-who-could-maybe-might-do-it-all, and turn it onto the issues themselves—the budget, the stimulus, the oversight, the transparency decisions, Ledbetter, where we are on health care and energy….

And, the AP on “issues”:

She is popular as the president, maybe more. Depending on the poll, she has approval ratings in the 60s and 70s. Practically the only issue being debated these days, silly as it seems, is whether she goes sleeveless too much and for the wrong occasions.

Popularity is what Mrs. Obama has achieved in her First 100 Days. Specifically, according to the AP:

In the eyes of many people, the image of an angry woman was transformed into one of a happy, doting mother…

…thanks, “maybe,” to

the three F’s: family, food, and fashion.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.