Attorney (or Soldier) Hillary

The Los Angeles Times goes cuckoo for “Hillary the _____” madlibs trying to nail a metaphor that aptly describes the role Sen. Hillary Clinton assumed during her speech tonight. First, a lawyerly lead from an article titled “Hillary Clinton takes the stage as Obama’s advocate”:

Hillary Rodham Clinton put her presidential campaign behind her on Tuesday night and returned, for a highly anticipated half-hour, to an old job. She was an attorney again, her client was former rival Barack Obama, and her speech to the Democratic National Convention was effectively the closing argument to a jury of her most ardent supporters.

And from the LAT’s Top of the Ticket campaign blog:

For the third time in less than three months, Hillary Rodham Clinton played the good soldier. Whether some of her troops chose to follow her lead remains to be seen.

OK, so Hillary is an attorney convincing troops to rally around her client, I mean rival, Barack. Got it.

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.