Blago to Geraldo: “Is That Ethical?”

Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera was promised a “2:00 interview” with Gov. Blagojevich. Snubbed by the governor’s “sleazy PR guy,” Geraldo— “rather than allow us to be victimized here at Fox News, where the first cable news interview was promised” — went to “the parking lot of The View” to get that interview.


GERALDO: ….The problem is those tapes sound so tacky. They sound as if you’re attempting to sell that office …

All that was — any guesses?— “out of the proper context,” said Blagojevich. (And no, Geraldo didn’t ask the governor to supply the missing context).

GERALDO: Are you broke now?…. Are you destitute?….

Blagojevich declined to “whine” about his “fate.”

Then, towards the end of the interview, after the governor observed that there haven’t been a lot of nice things said about him lately, came this exchange:

GERALDO: I’ll buy you dinner.

BLAGOJEVICH: Is that ethical?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.