Book, Cook by Twitter (But Don’t Solicit Interview Questions)

Today in Twitter:

Gary Trudeau, who Twitters as a cartoon Fox News reporter, slams journalists who use Twitter to “solicit their followers for questions before interviews” (“You’re supposed to be professionals…It’s really about flattering the followers, populist pandering”) as well as those reporters who “Twitter about their apparently exemplary parenting, so you do wonder why they don’t turn off their Berrys and recover that hour for the family.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times’s David Pogue is putting together an entire book consisting of his followers’ Tweets. The Times Dining section reports today on “Twecipes” and is challenging readers to “try your hand at Twitter-length recipes.”

Also in today’s Times: trademark infringement via Twitter?

And, Maureen Dowd, after interviewing Twitter’s founders, ends her Times column by announcing she would rather have “red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account.”

A tweet “11 minutes ago” from the Times’s Brian Stelter (re-tweeting the sentiments of, apparently, a Times corporate communications person): “3 stories on Twitter in today’s @nytimes. Tweeting lawyers, Tweet-recipes, and Dowd’s column. Maybe enough is enough.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.