CNN’s Rick Sanchez “Take[s] the Conversation Outside the Beltway…”

… to the South Florida kitchen of his mom’s house to, “with some trepidation,” ask his mom, Adela Fernanndez, “the wisest of all Latina women, what she thought of Sonia Sotomayor.” (Fernanndez is “proud” of Sotomayor, that she “came from nothing” and “did it on her own.”)

h/t, TVNewser

Almost as cute as when Fox News’s Steve Doocy back in 2008 interviewed his son, Peter (who last month joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter), on Fox & Friends and congratulated the young man for the question he asked Sen. McCain during a “Hardball College Tour” Q&A (young Doocy’s question was about Hillary Clinton “hitting the sauce” on the campaign trail).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.