Covering That Other War

We are a nation at war(s). And while you may know something of the presidential candidates’ plans for Iraq and, perhaps, Afghanistan, do you know how McCain and Obama aim to handle the oft-overlooked “talk show host wars” (which, according to PEJ, ranked in the top ten stories covered by cable TV — and only cable — last week, unlike other more familiar wars which made the top ten topics in nearly every other medium save cable)?

(I watch a lot of cable news and even I am not sure what “talk show host wars” means. Oh no. Please tell me this isn’t about The View. What is up with all the coverage given to the arguing that happens on that show? Stop. Please?)

Also from the latest PEJ study:

As the days tick down toward Nov. 4 with the momentum clearly tilting toward Obama—and with the press searching intently for developments that could change that dynamic—stories appear to have a shorter shelf life, often flashing across the media radar screen in a matter of hours rather than days.

Indeed, no single narrative dominated last week’s coverage. The top storyline, the fight over battleground states, accounted for 10% of the campaign newshole…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.