Dubious Moments in Self Promotion, Pt. 1: MSNBC

Yes, we hear there is serious news to be found at these conventions. But there’s also ample opportunity for the biggie political pressters to get face-time and build a little name-rec with their journalism colleagues, and the politicos who love them. To that end, Campaign Desk is inaugurating what we’re afraid will be a regular feature in Denver and St. Paul: Dubious Moments in Self-Promotion, or if we’re pressed for time “DuMo-n-SPro.” Enjoy.

Below are two be-Segwayed, becostumed, (and presumably rather sweaty) workers charged with pressing promotional flyers into the hands of passers-by in the hopes of garnering a live outdoor studio audience—perfect for camera pans—at MSNBC’s live broadcasts.

MSNBC has set up camp just south west of Denver’s Union Station, steps from the Silver Patron Tequila Express railcar. It’s hard to say if the booze train or the set has more red white and blue bunting.

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Clint Hendler is the managing editor of Mother Jones, and a former deputy editor of CJR.