For “Inactive Grannies”… There’s Always 2012?

Someone’s still willing to pay for (or, at least willing to lend a platform for) “advice” from Mark J. Penn.

In Politico, in a piece headlined, “‘Active grannies’ the new socer moms,” Penn writes:

With 18 percent of seniors undecided and polls very close in the battleground states, my advice would be to take a serious look at these new active senior voters, whose voices just may turn out to decide this election. After all, they have been picking [popular vote] winners since 1964.

You mean….old people vote? Yes, but it’s the active ones to keep an eye on. And, of course, standard caveats apply. “Today’s seniors are hardly monolithic in their outlook,” Penn admits, before adding that “Men have gotten increasingly grumpy…”

And MSNBC, loving the hunt for the Swing Voter as the media do, helped spread the word this afternoon: “Clinton Advisor Says “Active Grannies” Are The New Soccer Moms.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.