Georgians Hate Fox News

So does some fat guy

Forget what I said about American reporters rarely training the cameras on themselves. Fox News went to Gori, Georgia (still occupied by Russian troops, by the way) and got an unconventional welcome: gunfire!

In a scene straight out of The Blair Witch Project, Fox reporter Steve Harrigan and his colleague run to safety, panting and raging as they go (“they’re obviously irregular, undisciplined, angry and humiliated!”). Georgian fighters, it seems, are not fans of Rupert’s network. That, or they don’t like it when the safari-jacketed Steve Harrigans of the world show up to film them getting overrun by the enemy and not taking orders from their own commanders. Oh, and who pointed a gun at Harrigan? Some “fat guy.” And scene.

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Julia Ioffe is a freelance writer based in New York City.