Hanging Out At CNN’s Forum

“Debate the debate,” CNN promised when touting its online “CNN Forum” before the debate began. It’s a decent idea — let the public live-blog the debate. Initially, I couldn’t access the site, presumably because it was overloaded. I finally connected, but I sort of wish I hadn’t. A sampling of the forum’s meta-debate:

svmaja // Green Cove Springs, FL

Obama is an idiot and a liar… we are NOT dependent on middlel east oil… we, the US get more than 60% of our oil from the western hemisphere.. what a huge crock…

ParkerBahai // Alpharetta, GA

It’s pretty funny, Jim Lehrer is trying to be both a debate moderator and a marriage counselor.

Aeic25 // Dowagiac, MI

WOW I CAN SEE HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO… McCain is having a hard time to even look at Obama I mean he looks like he is trying not to look at him.

I mean, it’s still better than what we’re doing, but that really isn’t saying very much…

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Justin Peters is editor-at-large of the Columbia Journalism Review.