Hate The Game

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews after the debate last night:

Coming up, we go to The Spin Room — I hate that name — to get, well, the spin from both sides. And we may get some truth…

Don’t hate “that name,” hate “that game.” Apparently Matthews is offended by the name of the Room but not the shameful acts which occur in that Room, for which that Room is expressly designed. Matthews is more than happy to line up outside that Room, hands outstretched, to receive his helping of talking points and maybe “some truth.”

If I’m being generous, I could allow that maybe Matthews meant to convey some sort of discomfort in his own stopping by The Spin Room but: is someone making him go there? If a campaign adviser Spins in a Room but no one is there to hear him…

UPDATE: Matthews followed the above by welcoming Rep. Peter King, a Republican Congressman from New York and McCain surrogate:

MATTHEWS: [King] is in The Spin Room right now. Actually, he’s right here with me…

And so King was, seated next to Matthews, outdoors, enjoying the balmy Long Island evening, outside the debate hall (and the actual, physical “Spin Room.”) But I guess “The Spin Room” is really…wherever Chris Matthews is located.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.