Headlines: Reading The Bailout

If you get your bailout news via other people’s papers on the New York City subway, this morning you saw (along with the crying young Mets fan in the orange wig) a range of emotions and points of emphasis:

Excitement! The rescue is ready! “IT’S A DEAL! $700b Wall Street rescue ready for House ok today,” New York Post

Ongoing schadenfreude. “Congress to the Lords of Wall Street…PARTY’S OVER!” (New York) Daily News

Caution, of sorts. “Bailout Plan is Set; House Braces for Tough Vote,” New York Times; “Crisis Hits Europe’s Banks As US Seals Bailout Deal,” Wall Street Journal

Skepticism. “Cheque en blanco a los bancos,” Hoy (Nueva York).

And, anger (if you looked hard enough). “Bailout bill vote today; NYers riled” AM New York (wedged between a “guide to handy and trendy totes” and the news that Scarlett Johansson got married.)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.