In Recognition of Cable News Convention Coverage

The award for Least Useful On-Screen Bell or Whistle Unveiled During Convention Coverage by a Cable News Channel goes to…

…CNN, for its “volume on the floor” graphic (I’m describing it from memory here: vertical audio bars, with green lights rising and falling to indicate the current volume level on the convention floor) which crowded the left-side of the screen much of last night— even, a tipster tells me (I was mostly watching another channel), during commercials. Because (I guess?) why should viewers of The Best Political Team on Television miss out on any changes in volume level on the floor of the Pepsi Center while they’re suffering through yet another ad?

And the award for Best Sarcastic Use of a Goofy Cable News Channel Tagline By a Convention Speaker goes to…

…Caroline Kennedy. For this, at the end of a somewhat testy interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (and team):

WOLF BLITZER: Do you see a role for yourself moving forward in this campaign?

KENNEDY: I just want to be with The Best Political Team on Television.

ANDERSON COOPER: That is so the right answer.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.