MarketWatch media critic Jon Friedman weighs in on last week’s Maureen Dowd controversy by skating around the most relevant issues (like, Why doesn’t Dowd just show/tell us exactly how this transpired? What’s with the Times’s Josh-Marshall-doesn’t-mind-so-why-should-we-and-why-do-you response? What was with Clark Hoyt’s defensive, dismissive column on the matter?) and proclaiming that Dowd is “lazy” and, lately, writes without “substance,” “mails in” what he calls her formerly must-read columns.

(This from the person behind “Media Web Minute,” one of those we-do-web-video-because-we-can-and-because-everyone-else-is offerings in which Friedman informs us, to take one recent example fairly representative of the amount of information typically relayed, It’s Sweeps Week. I don’t hear much buzz anymore about Sweeps Week. Because of the economy. Too bad.)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.