More Prepping for POTUS’s Presser

Building off Liz’s post below, it’s worth noting that Politico’s Josh Gerstein and Carol E. Lee have put together their own list of questions reporters will/should be asking of the president at this afternoon’s press conference. Unsurprisingly, there’s a fair amount of overlap with Karen Tumulty’s list, though where they diverge I prefer WaPo (“What, exactly, does this moratorium [on offshore drilling] cover?” to Politico (“Do you have any more sympathy for [President Bush’s] predicament during Katrina?”). Also worth noting: one of the questions in common, about when heads will start to roll, was answered this morning.

While talk of “top kill” is sure to dominate, presumably reporters will also get to quiz Obama on a few other topics. One of them seems all but assured: like the Post’s Jonathan Capehart, Gerstein and Lee think the Sestak situation should be on the agenda. They also list questions about Elena Kagan’s failure to hire more minority professors at Harvard Law, and how Obama might change course if Republicans retake Congress. (The former sounds worthwhile, the latter too speculative to produce much of a response.)

As for other questions, I know one issue I’m hoping someone will ask about, though I won’t be holding my breath. Got suggestions of your own? Leave them in comments below.

Update: On the other hand, maybe all this “press conference” talk is overblown…

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