Must-reads of the week

Heat-Wave Edition

Culled from CJR’s frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best pieces of journalism (and other miscellany) on the Internet, here are your can’t-miss must-reads of the past week:

From Tom Paine to Glenn Greenwald — Why we need partisan journalism

The secret power of Black Twitter — Last night Black Twitter killed a George Zimmerman trial Juror’s book deal

Our Mr. Brooks explains the man thing — It’s too damn hot, thought Moral Hazard, the Irish setter owned for photo-op purposes by New York Times columnist David Brooks

Prancercise lady copes with the dark side of Internet fame — “Jazzercise is the arch nemesis of Prancercise┬«. Jazzercise cannot hold a
candle to Prancercise┬«.”

The state of Wyoming has 2 escalators — And they’re totally fine with that

Jenny McCarthy’s dangerous views — On “The View’s” decision to appoint the anti-vaccine, anti-science zealot as a host

The night without a riot — Why conservatives were wrong in predicting mass violence after Zimmerman’s acquittal

Rise of the Hollywood cats — Inside Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB’s big deals

Culturalism, Gladwell, and airplane crashes — “[Malcolm] Gladwell’s work on the connection between culture and plane crashes is a shoddy fraud”

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