Must-reads of the week

Geezer parents, poisoned beef, Harvard ballers, Occupy grief

Culled from CJR’s frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best pieces of journalism (and other miscellany) on the Internet, here are your can’t-miss must-reads of the past week:

A eulogy for #Occupy — An embedded reporter looks back on the year of the Occupy Wall Street movement

Beef’s raw edges — The Kansas City Star’s yearlong investigation into the beef industry’s increasingly mechanical process, which is exposing Americans to higher risk of E. coli poisoning

The best (and worst) media errors and corrections of 2012 — Craig Silverman rounds up this year’s highlights

The grayest generation — How older parenthood will upend American society

Dear Jack Stuef — Shots fired at Buzzfeed’s “pageview journalism”

Harvard has become a giant hedge fund with a college attached for tax purposes — The 450 full professors of its Division of Arts and Sciences are paid $85 million in aggregate; but just the five top managers of the Harvard endowment fund shared total compensation of $78 million

BioShock Infinite might be the most ambitious video game ever made — Why its creator won’t settle for success

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