Must-reads of the week

Fox hunting edition

Culled from CJR’s frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best pieces of journalism (and other miscellany) on the Internet, here are your can’t-miss must-reads of the past week:

Detection of waves in space buttresses landmark theory of Big Bang — “One of the greatest discoveries in the history of science”

Paul Krugman is unimpressed with the new FiveThirtyEight — “[D]ata are never a substitute for hard thinking”

Can Nate Silver monetize the wonkosphere? — “To the extent that FiveThirtyEight is providing a quantitative take on ordinary news, I suspect its audience is small”

Nate Silver’s not as foxy as he thinks he is — “There’s a touch of the hedgehog about Silver”

Alter ego rattles author’s ego — Walter Kirn interviews himself on his new book Blood Will Out

Jeff Bezos’ plan to take over the media world — “Never underestimate how smart really smart people are”

Syria is in free fall — “At the start of the fourth year since Syrians rose up in a peaceful movement … a snapshot of the country presents the harsh truth that Syria’s descent is only accelerating”

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